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True Feeling Quotes English
taking for granted Real Feel

Doesn't take you for granted. Treats

you as a priority as much as you do and

won't let you make all the efforts alone.

love you Real Feelings Stori

Never judges you, they know you both in

and out, handled you at your worst, seen

your bad times still decided to love you.

motivational lecture Real Fe

Always there to pick you up when you feel

low or give you a motivational lecture and

help you feel better just by being there.

out of topics Real Feelings

Never runs out of topics to talk about.

You can simply pick your phone at any

time of the day and dial that number

without hesitation to talk about nothing.

feeling alone Real Feelings

Understands you and your unsaid

feelings, they hold your hand when

everyone else leaves you and never

let you feel alone.

real friend Real Feelings St

Who's your real friend?

bestfriend Real Feelings Sto

My bestfriend is my home.

No matter how hard the day is,

Or how awful my nights are.

In just one person there is everything,

Doesn't matter if we are close or far.

saddest thing Real Feelings

The saddest thing about

betrayal is that it never

comes from your enemies.

expensive restaurants Real F

Food in expensive restaurants

may sound cool,

But nothing can replace the fun

of eating Maggi, pani puri and

drinking chai in the tea stalls

with your gang.

best friends Real Feelings S


2010: We were best friends.

2020: We are still best friends.

Yes, our friendship is forever.

friends drift Real Feelings

"Why do school friends drift away?"

My friend asked.

"They don't. You think they have but

they're a call away. Always."

I smiled.

her birthday Real Feelings S

I don't know about others but the

reason why I am more excited than

my best friend on her birthday is

because I have photos in which I'm

looking too good and she is looking

too bad, her birthday gives me the

reason to flaunt my beauty and her

ugliness captured in a single photo

and that is why I just love her birthday.

true friendship Real Feeling

For me true friendship day will be

when I can actually meet , hug my

besties and gossip about anything

and everything forgetting about the

time and come home late to be scolded

by parents but sleep remembering

those beautiful memories.

growing old Real Feelings St

As you grow old, you realize that

hand-written letters & postcards on

birthdays were more special than

Instagram stories and Facebook

posts can ever be.

lovers Real Feelings Stories

Strangers turned into Lovers.

A cup of coffee did what

a dating app couldn't.

souls cry Real Feelings Stor

Is it fair?

How badly our souls cry

instead of making them

stop by themselves they

go to the ones who let

them die.

love stories Real Feelings S


"l will never marry you even if you are

the last human left on this planet"


"look ourselves into the mirror, how

beautiful we look as husband and wife"

Love stories where everything start

as enemies are pure bliss

repeating Real Feelings Stor

People who start crying while

expressing their feelings are the

most innocent creatures on earth.

Never hurt them.

I repeat, never.

reading texts Real Feelings

When you become really

close to someone,

You can hear their voice

in your head when you

read their texts.

permanent girl Real Feelings

When I feel good,

I go to her.

When I feel bad,

I go to her.

When I feel nothing,

I go to her.

Because moods are temporary,

but she is my permanent.

friends Real Feelings Storie

Why are you friends ?

Because we have the

same blood group,

'Tea Positive'.

time Real Feelings Stories Q

There was a time...

shakrukh khan Real Feelings

5. Reel: when he was shooting for

JP's movie, there was a scene of train

in end, which was same as Shahrukh Khan's

one, where he removed his wig and moustache.

Because he wanted to live the scene in real.

Real: he was big fan of Shahrukh khan,

and wanted to be like him. He was inspired

by him and joined bollywood industry

because of that.