True Lines

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Cigarettes food for broken souls.

"What is the most painful thing?" "Missing someone said one. "Not being able to tell them how much you miss them", I corrected.

Don't force anyone to Stay in your life.... If they really want you, they will stay.

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Me to


Tu yaad Kar ya bhul ja, Tu yaad hai ye yaad rakh.

Sometimes its not the song that make you emotional, its the people and thing that come in your mind when you hear it.

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Priyanka reddy rape burnt im

This is real priyanka reddy raped and burnt image. RIP!

The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are, and not who people think you are.

Silence is not empty, It is full of answers.

Be soft but not weak.

** Memories ** My sweetest memory: your message, My biggest sadness Distance My biggest hope: I will see you soon My strongest prayer: our relationship continues forever.

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One hello can take away the pain of a thousand goodbyes.

Someone asked me, "who hurt you ? " I replied, "My own expectation."

Learn to walk away from the things that hurts you...

Not sad, Not happy, I'm just Tired of Everything...

Not every smile is real, not every tear is pure.

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True Line Feelings

Never waste your feelings on, People who don't value Your Emotions!